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Magnetic Bracelets


We offers a massive selection of magnetic bracelets. With a site geared up for easy browsing and displaying of magnetic bracelet by many categories, as well as most sophisticated filters to search and to compare the different magnetic bracelets by the strength of the magnets, the different metals, styles and even to help with selecting a gift for her and for him. This wealth of filtering options has made us popular among those buyers who want to know more about their magnetic bracelet.

The company has designed magnetic bracelets after great research of the needs of people - and offers a large and well balanced range of magnetic bracelets. As mentioned above, the strength of this site is the filtering options that allow narrowing down the search to find the perfect magnetic bracelet for any need or occasion.

Men's magnetic bracelets


First, it is best to click on the "ALL PRODUCTS" button which can be found under the log on the top of the page. That will bring all the magnetic bracelets that are listed on this online store.

You will than see on the right hand side a menu titles: "Refine Results by". The following filtering options are: "THEME", STRENGTH RATING", "METAL", "SUITABLE MOSTLY FOR", "PRODUCT TYPE" and "PRICE".

You can use any of those filtering option at the same time, to narrow down until you find the perfect magnetic bracelet.

Copper magnetic bracelets


Titanium Magnetic Bracelets - They will be very light weight magnetic bracelets and with over 90 different styles. Select titanium magnetic bracelets if it is important that the bracelet is so light that you will hardly feel it is there on your wrist.

Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets - Those are made of hardened 316L surgical strength stainless steel. Stainless Steel bracelets offers better protection against scratches than Titanium, but the trade off is that it is heavier than Titanium magnetic bracelet.

Both metals are noble metals and hypo-allergenic - and they will be most suitable for those with suspected allergy for some metals in jewellery, as they will not cause rush on your wrist.

Fun with magnetic bracelets for women

Bio 4 elements magnetic bracelets, or also called sometimes Ionic Bracelets - A Bio 4 elements bracelet have magnets, but also carries a combination bio elements that are said to enhance the magnetic fields with Negative Ions producing materials such as Germanium and Tourmaline with Amethyst.

Pure Copper magnetic bracelets and bangles - Pure copper magnetic bracelet will be attractive to those who are looking to combine the force of magnets with the healing reputation effect of copper, as copper is considered to have anti-inflammatory effect and being looked at a pain relief for chronic arthritis.

Booster Magnetic bracelets - A typical magnetic bracelet in this range will have two over-sized magnets and 4 standard size magnets. Those mega strength magnetic bracelets will concentrate a massive magnetic field on one spot instead of spreading it along the wrist.

Strength of magnetic bracelets - We use a system of rating each magnetic bracelet with a system of 1 to 5, 5 being the strongest possible ratings. Please note that while it is important to consider the rating strength of each magnetic bracelet, it is equally important that you like the item that you are about to purchase.

Remember: If you do not like the looks of the item, it will end up in the draw in a heart bit - and all those magnets will be very far from you - and with no effect non what so ever.

Titanium magnetic bracelets


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