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Back in the groove

Saturday, 30 April 2016  |  Admin

Stainless steel anklet - double magnetsYou've probably noticed that we've been somewhat remiss about updating this blog lately. Call it the burden of too much work. Call it laziness. But whatever it is, we're sorry to have kept you waiting.

Added to this, one of our number has been away on holiday so that things that should have got done, got postponed. Remember the old joke about the man who was planning to join the procrastinators association when he got around to it? (And the other joke about how it took them three years to process his membership application?) Well anyway, that's yours truly. Unfortunately, there is no magnetic bracelet to cure procrastination.

But I jest. The truth of the matter is that I am not here to talk about my past laziness but rather about some of the excellent products available this spring and summer from Magnetic Therapy Bracelets. And in particular, a range of products that we don't often hear about: anklets.

Anklets exist because in some cultures women's ankles are considered taboo - in other words sexy. In Victorian England, women were not supposed to display their ankles and gentlemen were expected to avert their gaze if a woman - through some sartorial oversight - exposed her ankles.

Titanium 4 in 1 magnetic anklet

Of course today, in most cultures, a lady's ankles may be gazed upon without the gentlemen seeming like a cad, or the lady herself feeling embarrassed. But that is not to say that they can no longer be regarded as a sexy. After all, in the eyes of men, if a woman is pretty then pretty much everything about her is sexy. And now, as we approach the glorious summer season, we can expect not a few young women to be disporting their legs - much to the gratification of the male of the species.

But is there a need for magnetic therapy ankles? Well, there are two schools of thought. One holds that magnetic therapy products are wholistic in their effect. In other words, it doesn't matter on what part of the body you wear them, they help heal the entire body and naturally go to work on whatever area needs them most. The other school of thought holds that magnetic therapy products should be worn close to the affected area that needs them. Thus, if you have pains in your wrist or arm or hand, you wear a bracelet, if you have neck pains, you wear a neck wrap, etc.

Following this logic, if you have pains in your leg, foot, calf muscle or even thigh, you wear a magnetic ankle bracelet.

I tend to subscribe to the latter school of thought more than the former. But what about men? The anklets tend to be mostly suitable for women after all. Here I can offer very few words of comfort other than to say: don't be such a wimp! But if you are truly in discomfort, then you'll just have to bite the bullet and wear a ladies' anklet. But don't worry. If  you are wearing full-length trousers then nobody else will see it.

Besides [WARNING; SEXISM ALERT!!!!] who is going to check out a man's legs?

[Academic note: When I said "cad" above, I was not referring to Computer Aided Design, but rather using an antiquated word for an unchivalrous yob.]