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Why can't we find magnetic bracelets on the high street?

Saturday, 21 May 2016  |  Admin

You may have noticed that it is practically impossible to find magnetic bracelets in high street retail outlets, despite the fact that they are a very popular item - as you can see from even the most cursory ('scuse the pun) search of the internet. I am not talking about a handful of such products of not very good quality, found in a certain well-known high street chain. I mean a proper selection of good quality magnetic bracelets from the vast range that is available online. They are simply nowhere to be found on the high street.

The question then is: why?

It can't be to do with any controversy over their effect, because even those who deny their medical benefits have never suggested that they are harmful. And from an aesthetic point of view alone, it would be hard to deny the beauty of these products. Even the ones that are not shiny, gaudy and glamorous are easy on the eye and pleasant to look at.

Take for example the Jet Black Gold Edges magnetic bracelet in the picture on the left. Can anyone deny that it would look good on the wrist of a woman or man? I can't claim to speak for everyone, or even the majority, but I certainly like it.

Bio 4-elements

Or take the Bio 4-Elements titanium bracelet on the right. As a man, I can easily see myself wearing that. It radiates confidence and power. And there are many others. Indeed, the Jet Black Bracelets range of Magnetic Therapy Bracelets is a master class in quality and beauty.

I think that the main reason is that although there is a large market for such products, it is not geographically dense. It is a bit like the difference between a political party that appeals to local majority about local issues and a party that appeals to a large minority and gets a large minority of seats in every constituency. So one gets 4.9% of the popular vote and 56 seats. The other gets 12.6% of the popular vote and one measly seat.

But I am not here to indict the first-past-the-post system. I am here to talk about magnetic bracelets. And the situation on the ground is changing. As it stands today, we don't see magnetic bracelets on the high street. But that doesn't mean it will always be like this. I believe that at some point, the demand for magnetic bracelets will reach critical mass - and when THAT happens, we will see some major changes.