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Tuesday, 17 January 2017  |  Admin

Booster Gold and Silver Magnetic BangleOne of the best ways to judge how good (or bad) an internet retailer is doing, is by looking at their authentic customer comments. Magnetic Therapy Bracelets is no exception and here are a few examples.

First of all., consider what people are saying about the looks of the products. One customer called David wrote: "Really nice. Looks good and feels good. Couldn't be happier."

While an anonymous customer called their purchase: "A smart piece of Jewellery."

A lady wrote in to say succinctly: "The bangle is top quality!"

The bangle in question was the Booster Gold and Silver Magnetic Bangle to the right. To take a closer look at it on the MTB website, feel free to click on it.

A lady called Brenda said that her item did "not lookout of place" when compared to her more expensive jewellery.

Which leads on to another point: Value for money. Here again, the MTB customers have good things to say.

"Amazing quality for the price," was how one customer described what he bought for a present, adding that he was "now going to by one for myself."

While a woman called Cheryl declared simply: "Good value for money."

A lady called Glynis wrote in to tell us that she "bought one previously for a gift which was a lot more expensive, before I found your site," adding that she would "visit for sure again."

Customers also give us at MTB high praise for swift delivery of their orders. Thus a customer called Les wrote: "I ordered this bracelet yesterday and it was delivered today. Brilliant."

Whilst Patricia wrote: "Excellent next day delivery," a comment echoed by a customer called Denise who wrote "I ordered these bracelets on Monday and they arrived today." A woman called Carolyn was "really pleased" that her order arrived "within 48 hours of ordering." And one Michelle was "really pleased with the speed of delivery."

But perhaps the most important aspect of customer comments is there emphasis on how magnetic bracelets from MTB offer them pain relief. Here are they even more unequivocal.

Bio 4 Elements Titianium Magnetic Bracelet"Recently brought two of these bracelets and ended up giving one to my brother so have had to re order for myself, they seem to work on arthritis and ease the pain," said one customer. While another, called Tina, explained that:

"My partner really likes the bracelet. It has stopped his fingers locking up when he is using a knife and fork, He used to occasionally have problems holding a pen as his fingers would locking up then as well at short time."

A lady called Christine praised the bracelet that she bought for being "very stylish" adding that she "bought as gift for my husband." She went on to say that "he suffers with tennis elbow." She also said: "the tennis elbow has cleared," and concluded that she "would recommend."


Another wrote: "recently brought two of these bracelets and ended up giving one to my brother so have had to re order for myself, they seem to work on arthritis and ease the pain." While a customer called Amber wrote in capitals: "ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, LOOKS GOOD AND WORKS AS FAR AS MY ACHING WRISTS ARE CONCERNED."

Clearly then, Magnetic Therapy Bracelets has a lot of satisfied customers. And it isn't hard to understand why.