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Energy pendants

Sunday, 27 March 2016  |  Admin

I've been banging on a lot lately about sport and spring and people are probably getting bored from reading it. Especially as the Spring doesn't quite seem to have got here yet. 

In any case, what I really want to talk about are energy pendants. I have only recently discovered these beautiful creations and I have to confess that I have well and truly fallen in love with them. Now you're probably thinking I'm turning into a Big Girl's Blouse (if I wasn't one already). But the fact of the matter is, they look nice, they feel nice and they really do give that feeling of being charged with energy. Whether it's in the mind or also the body, I'll leave you to judge. But I get a buzz out of them.

And what I especially like is the fact that they all so very different. This is REAL variety. Not lot's of similar but slightly different ones that are all much of a muchness. Each one of these energy pendants is distinct and has its own qualities.

These energy pendants are all four in one items - that is they have the four elements of anioninfra red, germanium and magnet. But they also have their own individual features. Like the butterfly pendant above or the Egyptian-themed pyramid pendant to the right.

There's an energy pendant for everyone. Fir instance, I know that my older sister would be thrilled by the musical-themed "Love Never Dies" pendant to the left. On the other hand, I myself - being a bit of a gambler - rather like the Ace of Spades energy pendant below.

The question is what do you get out of an energy pendant? And to some extent the answer is, it depends on you. It's like a car. It has an engine. It has a gas tank. But you still have to start it with the ignition, control the speed with the accelerator, control it's movements with the steering wheel and decide on your own destination.

That may seem a little poetic, but that's me. (And I'm sure there's an energy pendant for poets!

So think of an energy pendant like your own personal car for your mind, body and soul.  Put it on, turn the "ignition key" (in your mind) and let it help you get to where you want to go.