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Spring is here at last... and with it cometh sport

Wednesday, 24 February 2016  |  Admin

Well St. Valentine's day is over and Christmas and New Year are well behind us. So now we can only look forward. Things can only get better. Even the weather is showing signs of getting warmer - some days at least. If only it could make up its mind. This leads us to the first shoots of Spring. That glorious season when the yellow daffodils peak out, the pink cherry blossom begins to make its first appearance on the trees and a new wave of outdoor sports begins.

And sport - interestingly enough - is my theme today. Because Spring is the season of two of my favourite events: the Grand National and the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race. Now you may be wondering what is the connection between such unlikely events as racing animals and rowing humans. Well it all has to do with energy. Because Magnetic Therapy Bracelets offers a vast range of energy pendants that will give you that buzz that keeps you going.

I am, personally, a great fan of these magnetic energy pendants. They look nice, they feel nice and in my experience they work.

The important thing to remember is that although Spring is on the horizon, we are still caught up in the lethargy of winter. The cold weather makes us tired - as does the lack of light. And we need something to counter that, like magnets for health.

Regarding the light, the days are now unquestionably getting longer. And we are all (in the northern hemisphere) getting he benefit of that. But the weather is still indecisive. The sun shines brightly, yet it seems to bring inadequate warmth. This has to do with the Earth's inclination on its axis relative to the plane of its orbit. (I put that in for the benefit of the nerds.)

But the axis is only meaningful in relations to earth's rotation. And it is earth's rotation that gives the planet its magnetic field. Because the earth's core is made of molten iron. And that molten iron inside the earth spins at a different rate to the planet's crust and mantle.

Now it is a well-known fact that even small magnets- especially strong ones - interact with Earth's magnetic field. That's how a compass works after all. And it is also a known fact that we have iron in our blood. Now when you wear a magnet close to your body, think about your blood flow.

It is your blood flow that gives you life. When your blood flows well you have energy. Think of all those literary phrases like "he felt the blood coursing through this veins!" Obviously one doesn't literally feel blood flowing through one's body. It is a figure of speech. But it is an expression that came about because writers instinctively realized that the vigorous flow of blood was closely related to health and energy.

So remember that magnets for healing and health are part of the picture, but there are also some extra strong magnets to give you that get up and go feeling, that zing or zap that boosts your energy level when the cold of winter is slowing you down.