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Buying magnetic products for treatment and healing

One can buy magnets in many places such as hardware shops and school suppliers. There are many varieties of magnet: straight, horseshoe, block, etc. There are also a variety of magnetic materials. Although all permanent magnets are ultimately iron based, they may contain many varieties of alloys and some have protective layers. This can be very important if you are interested in performing magnet therapy on others. After all no one wants to come into contact with a magnet that may be rusty or contaminated. If you use the magnets for self-help and self-healing, then the protective layer is unnecessary.

The famous architect Louis Sullivan (Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor) said that in architecture “form follows function.” The same is true when it comes to your choice of magnets. Different sizes and shapes are appropriate for the treatment of different areas. Thus for example when treating the eyes or the area around them you would use a small magnet and probably a round one. On the other hand, for treating larger areas of the body such as the liver or for whole body use, you would select a large magnet that can be held in the hand with a comfortable grip.

Do not be fooled however by fancy names of products. They usually augur a higher price without any concomitant improvement in quality. Magnets are a mass-produced item not a precision engineered product. The right low-priced magnet purchased from a hardware store will be just as good as an overpriced brand with a fancy name and excessive packaging.

Swiss made Yama magnets (50mm x 30mm) are recommended by some. Also to be considered are Marah-Cosam which are not quite as big. These are rare earth magnets which have a good strength to size ratio.

Some magnetic therapy healers use small, pea-size, 600 gauss barium ferrite magnets. They apply them to acupuncture points with some good results attested to. There are other similar magnets that are similar in size, but star-shaped. With a collection of such magnets it is even possible to create ones own customized magnet therapy products such as wraps, shoes, pillows, etc. However unless one needs bespoke products to address a particularly difficult problem, it makes more sense to go to a magnetic products store or go online to something like mps to obtain an off-the shelf product.