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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and magnet therapy

Carpal tunnel syndrome(or CTS as it is known for short) can refer variously to pain, numbness or other symptoms in an area of the hand caused by compression in an area of the wrist known as the carpal tunnel. The precise causes are unknown, but it is believed to be related to compression of the wrist and the trapping of a nerve.

Whilst it is frequently associated with prolonged typing and use of a computer mouse, other researchers have linked it to immobility of the wrist during sleep and some have even suggested that it may have genetic causes or at least that some people might have a genetic pre-disposition to it. The main symptoms are numbness of the thumb and fingers (except the little finger and outer half of the ring finger).

Normally the condition comes and goes, but those who suffer from long-term CTS can end up with permanent damage to the nerves or continuing numbness, as well as other worsening symptoms.

It is widely accepted, even in general medical practice, that the condition can be helped by wearing wrist bands. In conventional medicine this would simply be a pressure wrist band. However, magnetic bracelets and wristbands can also help in much the same way that magnetic bracelets arthritis treatment is well-known.

There are various kinds of magnetic bracelet and wristband available and the magnetic arrangement may also vary. For example one might have only the bio-north or bio-south poles facing the wrist or one might select an arrangement in which the pattern alternates. To a large extent, the choice depends on the current condition of the wrist. If the person is not already suffering from the condition and is seeking only a preventative approach because their lifestyle and work practices render them vulnerable to CTS, then the bio-south pole facing inwards is the most logical choice.

If they are already suffering, but the symptoms are mild, then the alternating approach is the best. Finally, if the condition has developed to the point that there us pain or visible inflammation, then it may be necessary to resort to placing the bio-north pole facing inwards. In all cases, I would recommend silicone magnetic bracelets for women and copper magnetic bracelets for men for any of these conditions. Titanium magnetic bracelets are another possibility. However I would not recommend hematite bracelets because, decorative though they are, it is hard to get the specific polarity right for the wrist with them.