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Copper, cramp and crippling pain

The proliferation of magnetic therapy bracelets has prompted many people to ask the vexed but legitimate question: magnetic bracelets do they work. Another question that I often hear is: what are copper magnetic bracelets for men.

The first thing we need to be clear about is that strictly speaking it is not a copper magnetic bracelet but rather copper bracelet with one or more magnets embedded within it. There are also copper bracelets without magnets and magnetic bracelets without copper that are also claimed to offer certain health benefits.

Both magnets and copper are believed by their proponents to offer certain health and healing benefits. Magnet therapy has been used with some reported success in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Copper has been shown to have properties that can reduce an inflammation and also an analgesic (pain reduction) effect, according to the proponents of these complementary medicine approaches.

A study has been cited as demonstrating that copper can be absorbed into the body through the skin at the wrist and that this trace element can reduce pain from arthritis. Copper can also alleviate muscle cramps. By combining copper and embedded magnets, it is possible to get the best of both worlds in much the same way as conventional medicine sometimes uses a cocktail of drugs.

Whilst this is not available on the NHS, any good magnetic products store will sell a wide range of magnetic bracelets, including copper magnetic bracelets for men, at very reasonable prices.
Magnetic bracelets benefits that have been noted through actual experience are many and varied. By wearing magnetic bracelets, arthritis suffers have experienced noticeable relief. Carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, migraine, chronic fatigue and even menstrual cramps, have all been shown to respond positively to magnet therapy – hence the popularity of magnetic bracelets for women.

The doubters tend to dismiss this on the grounds that we don’t know exactly how magnet therapy works. However, we know that magnetic fields are real not only in minerals but also in organic matter: plants, animals and humans. Magnets affect iron and we al have iron in our blood stream. Magnets therapy can improve the flow of blood circulation and rebalance the body. The scientists may not have worked out the details, but human experience has a lot to say about it. And that human experience has been overwhelmingly positive.