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Getting the polarity right in magnet therapy

It is important to get the polarity right when practicing magnetic therapy because although the general rule is that magnet therapy either works or fails but does no harm, there are some types of condition that can be irritated or aggravated by using the wrong pole of the magnet.

First of all, an important caveat to bear in mind is that if you got your magnets from a source that does not specialize in magnetic healing then any markings on the magnet’s poles are likely to be the opposite of what they should be. To a physicist the north pole of a magnet is the one that seeks the north pole of earth and the south pole of the magnet is the one that seeks the south pole of the planet. In magnet therapy, we use the opposite convention (don’t ask!). To avoid confusion the terms bio-north and bio-south are used to indicate the sense in which the terms are used by magnetic healers.

In magnets therapy, bio-south has a stimulating effect whereas bio-north has a calming effect. Thus if a bio-south pole were placed over a tumour or an inflamed or infected area, it could actually encourage it to grow. Such areas should only be exposed to the bio-north pole of the magnet at least until such time as the infection or inflammation has gone, Once that stage is reached it is permissible (with caution) to encourage cell regeneration by application of the bio-south pole.

The bio-north pole is a very useful tool for controlling all manner of health problems. It can slow down the proliferation of bacteria, act as a painkiller on the nerves, reduce swelling and inflammation (especially in joints), decelerate hyperactivity in glands and internal organs, accelerate the coagulation of blood in open wounds without slowing down blood flow within the system, improve neural functions of axons, eliminate free radicals and dissolve lipid deposits in the blood vessels. Thus the bio-north pole can be used to treat pain, swelling, colds, burns and infections.

The bio-south pole stimulates the areas that are exposed to this. This can be good or bad depending on the state of those areas. When misused it can stimulate bacteria and inflammation. When used correctly it can stimulate under-active organs and glands, reduce alkalinity (especially in the stomach), open blood vessels when there is a constricted blood flow, relax tissue and muscle, stimulate re-growth and regeneration where it is needed (e.g. new skin to replace a scab from a healing wound).

This should not frighten people off from buying and using off the shelf products like titanium magnetic bracelets or silicone magnetic bracelets. Nor should it cause them to doubt magnetic bracelets benefits. Such products are usually pre structured for minor effects or have alternating magnets that are useful as a preventative measure. But they should be borne in mind by healers practicing magnetic therapy, especially on more serious ailments.