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Health, Beauty and aesthetics

Beauty is often associated with youth, and to a large extent that is nature’s way. With the advancement of age, the skin wrinkles and loses its strength and elasticity. Many women will therefore be pleased – not to say somewhat surprised – to learn that this process can actually be slowed down (though not reversed, sadly) by magnets.

Now it is important not to let ones dreams run to high at this point. Wrinkling is caused by the inevitable loss of skin moisture that comes with age and is particularly effected by the menopause. The same estrogen that promotes female fertility also serves to make the skin attractive. This is natures way of  ensuring that women of child-bearing age are attractive to men. To the young spring chickens of womanhood, it is natural selection at its kindest. But Mother Nature knows all too well that one has to be cruel to be kind and those who are no longer of child-bearing age are deemed by Gaia to have no need for attractiveness or to compete for male affections with those who are.

But in addition to diet and hormone replacement therapy and good diet, magnetic therapy has something to offer in this situation. A good magnetic products store will have a range of helpful products including magnetic masks to counter facial wrinkling and magnetic bracelets.

At first glance it might appear that it is the masks that are the more important, as wrinkling tends to be most noticeable in the facial area. Up to a point, this is true. Certainly the benefits of such masks should not be under-estimated. The magnetic flux enhances blood circulation, improves the flexibility of the collagen tissue and facilitates the rehydration of the outer layer of skin. It also has the secondary affect of inducing relaxation – very important when one considers how the tautening of the skin accentuates wrinkles.

But one should also not under-estimate the benefits of magnetic bracelets for women These latter items are not necessarily going to stop wrinkling, but they will improve blood circulation. As it is the blood that delivers nutrients to the skin, this offers an indirect benefit that should not be under-estimated.

And of course there is one further benefit to magnetic jewellery such as bracelets: in addition to is contribution to health and beauty, these items in many cases possesses an inherent aesthetic attractiveness in their own right, from colourful hematite bracelets to funky i balance wristbands with their embedded holograms and silicone magnetic bracelets. As the underlying purpose in this case is to promote the attractiveness this is an added benefit.

The golden rule is that magnets – like opposites – attract.