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Magnet Therapy Knowledge

The articles in this section deals with magnetic bracelets directly or in a round way.

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Many articles where written about the subject.

Introduction - magnetism and magnetic bracelets

The Earth is in fact a giant magnet. Let us not get confused between gravity and magnetism. After all, planets, moons and stars out there, just hanging around in space. What is it that keeps them in their own unique and constant place and not crashing into each other? Well, it is not magnetism. It is gravity forces and opposing gravity and not at all magnetic fields that continually pulling and opposing the planets, moons and stars in their appointed place and massive round orbits.

Modern physics explain that the forces that holds it all together is gravity. However, gravity is not end all be all in the universe, and Einstein and other physicists we now have terms for the four forces which give and maintain order on our planet and in the universe: 
1. The Weak Nuclear Force.
2. The Strong Nuclear Force.
3. The Gravity Forces.
4. The Electromagnetic forces.

The Earth, humans, animals, cells, molecules, and atoms are all exposed to and charged with terrestrial magnetic fields. Every cell in our body has some energy or force flowing through it. And we are all made up from ancient particles, or dust stars.

In that dust there are tiny magnetic particles. When we are attracted to someone and say they have a magnetic personality or that there is some's chemistry happening, we are right - each of us gives off greater or lesser energies at slightly different strengths. 

Isn’t that a lovely thought to hang onto as we live mundane and unexciting life?

Anyhow, those that have stronger abilities those few people with a natural high output can become healers in this or other alternative therapy disciplines. The rest of us can now do the same to our own bodies by using therapeutic magnets.

In modern times we are receiving less of the natural magnetic field we used to get from the planet. Modern life blocks and insulate us usually as we no longer walk barefoot on the earth. Most of us in the Western world live and work in concrete buildings. We travel from one place to the other in metal boxes on wheel: Cars, Trains, cruise liners or planes. 

But that is not all. Add to this the electricity we surround ourselves with day in day out, bombarding our bodies, adding stress to our cells. Radio waves, used Lo transmit television and radio, microwaves in the kitchen and microwaves in the kitchens, satellites signals, mobile phone signals, wi-fi signals, electric fields from Pilon’s cables and even our own home lighting and power have depleted a significant amount of our own Natural energy source. 

As the industrial age we live in is relatively young, it is yet to be determined the damages we do to our bodies, but there a lot of research going on into the causes and triggers for modern time illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), magnetic deficiency syndrome (MDS), multiple sclerosis (MS) and arthritis pains.