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Magnetic effects on the endocrine system

Human glands play a major role in human health and wellbeing. Glands are affected by the nervous system just as muscles are. However glands are also affected by an overall interactive network to which they belong. That network is called the endocrine system.

The endocrine system works more gradually than the nervous system and is governed by hormones. These are chemicals secreted by the glands themselves into the bloodstream. The hormones are very specific and are recognized by cells specifically designed to respond to them. Thus for example, the adrenal gland (located near the kidneys) produces the hormone Epinephrine (also known as adrenalin) which stimulates the heart rate. (NB It also does other things, but that is its main function.)

Like any other complex machine, the human body can go out of kilter and this is as true of the endocrine system as for anything else in the human body. This might variously cause either an excess or a shortage of production of a hormone that can then affect other parts of organs of the human body.

The secretion of hormones can be influenced beneficially by the use of magnet therapy because the glands are linked to the blood circulation system through tiny blood vessels known as capillaries. As the blood contains something haemoglobin, which in turns contains iron (the agent of magnetism) it follows that the blood and the capillaries that carry it are affected by magnetism. Magnetic products can be used to dilate the capillaries, improving blood circulation and thus assisting in the transmission of hormones that the blood carries.

Furthermore, the operative word here is system. The glands are part of a network and the improved secretion and transmission of necessary hormones can assist in stimulating the secretion of other hormones in their respective glands thus improving the endocrine system as a whole.

One doctor – H. L. Bansal – has argued that dwarfism caused by under-functioning of the pituitary gland, can be effectively treated by the use of magnetic therapy in conjunction with other treatments. Such treated must obviously be carried out in the child or pubescent, while growth would normally take place and before the bones harden.

This is not something that can be done with the self-help approach from ones local magnetic products store. But patients can certainly augment their treatment with an i balance magnetic bracelet containing a hologram to enhance their psychological wellbeing.