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Magnetic therapy for complex disorders

It has long been known that simple disorders respond well to magnet therapy in many cases. However, there are also more complex disorders in which a malfunction of one part of the body can produce painful or debilitating symptoms in another.

Now obviously where the aim is purely palliative one would treat the symptom not the disease and thus focus the treatment on the area where the symptom shows its unfortunate presence. But some complex disorders can be treated by magnetic therapy and in such cases, it makes sense to identity and then target the underlying cause.

For example a pain in the arm or shoulder may be related to a problem with the backbone. A headache can be cause by anything from a dysfunction of the liver to a problem with the joints. In cases of a non-migraine headache where direct application of a magnet does not show at least a moderate improvement after ten minutes, try moving the magnet to the liver.

Another approach to chronic headaches is for the sufferer to wear magnetic bracelets on both wrists with the magnets facing the wrists. For this sort of treatment it is desirable that each magnetic bracelet have a tight fit. The good thing about this approach is that it can be self-applied. There is a wide variety of suitable items available from any good magnetic products store and so it is just a case of selecting the right size and finding a style that one likes.

Where the ailments seem to be affecting the entire body, magnets can be applied to several areas at the same time with little risk of side-effects. Problems like high blood pressure or arthritic conditions can be treated by a combination of magnetic jewellery, shoe inserts and even a magnetic mattress. Many of such items are available from mps.

Glandular problems are sometimes not linked to a single gland but rather to the whole network of glands (the endocrine system). These conditions too can be treated very effectively with magnets applied to multiple areas. However to do this correctly requires diagnosis of the specific malfunction. This too can be done with magnetic products. However magnetic diagnosis is an advanced topic in its own right and outside the scope of this article.