Men and Jewellery

Although it was normal in the ancient world for men to wear jewellery, from time of the Puritans and Cromwell’s Republic onwards, it was considered socially unacceptable, save for the possible exception of a ring signifying marriage or high office. Even women were expected to keep their adornments to a level of moderation until long after the restoration.

Social Suicide 

Over the past few decades it has become increasingly acceptable and even normal for men to wear jewellery, although it still depends on who you ask. And then of course there is the vexed question of how much jewellery? To Mr. T, that wasn’t a problem. But that was his gimmick – plus he was strong enough to carry it off… literally. But for most men, that much gold would turn one not into the king of bling but rather the court jester. Indeed, one writer described such adornment as “social suicide.”

Connotation of Strength 

The general consensus seems to be that unless you’re a dark haired Italian or a swarthy Latin American you should not wear gemstones – and if you do, don’t expect to carry it off with panache. But metal is another matter. After all metal is inherently masculine. Cars are made of metal. Metal is used in the super-structure of buildings. Ships and aircraft are made of metal. Indeed, the most well-known attribute of metal is that it is strong. And wearing a material that has connotations of strength is not something that men need be ashamed of.

A Choice 

So it is perfectly acceptable in the modern world for a man to wear a metal bracelet, ring or necklace. This is good news for men with ailments like osteoarthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome who wish to try magnetic therapy to treat or alleviate their ailments. Copper magnetic bracelets for men are a firm favourite, as are titanium magnetic bracelets. These have a distinctly masculine look about them and men need seldom feel self-conscious about wearing them.

I say seldom, rather than never, because there are some more conservative environments where they might not go down to well. The boardroom of IBM would probably not welcome men wearing jewellery. And one might feel uncomfortable wearing them in the Master's common room at Eton or Harrow. But as one modern day bard said, the times they are changing. And for most men, wearing magnetic jewellery is a choice that can be made without fear of social stigma.

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Treating Arthritis with Magnetic Bracelets

It appears to us from the feedback we are receiving from our customers that they proud supporters of using the unique benefits of treating arthritis with magnetic bracelets. Many others, mostly people that never used magnetic therapy, remain sceptic.

For this reason, it has become an issue of controversy between those that did not try magnetic therapy and do not believe in it, and those who actually used magnetic therapy.  

And so it remains a hot topic in the world of medicine today.

With an estimated 8.5 million people in the UK suffering from different forms of arthritis, the suggestion that the inflammation that arthritis brings can be eased with something as simple as magnetic bracelet, it is no wonder that it is such a debated issue.

According to, there has been in recent years, and continues to be large volume of research conducted about using magnets to eliminate arthritic ailments which has demonstrated that magnetic bracelets, can be an effective method of pain management.

In the United States alone it is reported that as many as one in three adults are being affected by different forms of arthritis, with more than 70 million Americans suffering from the disease.

The Arthritis and Glucosamine Resource Centre reported that in a research carried out to whether or not magnetic bracelets are effective in fighting arthritis pain which questioned whether a ‘placebo effect’ of wearing a magnetic bracelet is the cause for arthritis patients endorsing that the bracelets create pain relief, it was concluded that arthritis patients should embrace magnetic bracelets with an open mind.