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Prevention and cure with magnetic treatment

“Prevention is better than cure” goes the old adage. And this as true with the use of magnetic therapy as any other form of treatment.

One of the most important areas that responds to such prophylactic treatment is no less an organ than the human heart itself. It should be recalled that the purpose of the heart is to pump the blood around the human system, but it is the oxygen in the blood that must be delivered to the brain and other human tissue.

A recent scientific paper in the Netherlands has asserted that the oxygenation of the blood can be measurably increased by magnetic pulse energy (i.e. not continuous magnetism). The paper reports that capacity of white blood cells (vital to the immune system) to replicate can be enhanced by electromagnetism. Moreover the electromagnetic force does not have to be strong to produce significant results. The paper theorizes that the effect is due to increases in oxygen levels in the blood, which in turn are caused by the proximity of the magnetic field.

However whilst the experiments were conducted using electromagnetic pulses. There is prior anecdotal evidence to suggest that continuous magnetism from permanent magnets can also be effective, albeit to a lesser degree. However, permanent magnets can be used continuously and so may in some cases match the effect of time-limited electromagnetic therapy.

Thus for example a permanent magnet of a hundred to a thousand gauss can equal the effect of a five gauss electromagnet in terms of its positive effect on the heart. However, the benefits are only felt when the magnets are used in conjunction with exercise and specifically the kind of aerobic exercise that keeps the heart rate up. This can be anything from working out in a gym to actual competitive sports. Such preventative treatment can be used in conjunction with a magnetic bracelets sports product to restore the I balance.

It is important to place the north pole of the magnet closest to the heart to get the maximum effect. Indeed, reversal of the polarity will have a soporific effect and make the user tired. However, use of the south pole over the heart can be used as part of the unwinding process at the end of a vigorous workout or a hard day’s work.