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Resizing Your Magnetic Bracelet



We supply few similar designed "Links Remover" tools - they all works the same way.

We will be using the most common tool in this tutorial.




Your "Links Remover Tool" has two extra push pins, which are stored at the base of the tool.


Use them if a pin bends while using it.



Now identify which way the bracelet should be placed in the "Links Remover" tool.



Gently turn the handle to push the pin out. It may slightly difficult at first, so be patient.


Hold the bracelet while pushing to ensure it is all the time at the correct location, watch the Push Pin to ensure it is not bending.



Once some of the pin is out, pull the pin out with your fingers.

Repeat it again to remove the required links from the bracelet.

Join the two edges of the bracelet and push the pin into position by hand so it holds the tow edges of the bracelet together.

Ensure the thinner side (non-split side) goes first.



Turn the bracelet and push gently to further push the pin.