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The scope and limits of magnetic therapy

One of the questions I am often asked about the use of magnets in the treatment of disease is: what can magnetic therapy do? And of course the corollary of that question is: what can’t it do?

The answer to the first is that we don’t really know the limits; only the guidelines. In theory one can attempt to treat almost any ailment using magnet therapy on the grounds that it will either respond to treatment or not, with virtually no risk of side-effects. The possible exceptions are infections and tumours which might grow if subjected to the presence of the north pole of a magnet (what some medical practitioners call bio-south). However even these conditions can be subjected to a south pole (or bio-north as the insiders call it).

In the case of infection, once they have got over the more visible stage, and once any inflammation has disappeared, they can be subjected to the north pole of a magnet without risk or fear.

However it is important to bear in mind that magnets therapy cannot really cure an infection caused by bacteria or bacilli. These should be treated in more conventional ways such as antibiotics or the body’s own immune system. But this still leaves over three quarters of human illness that respond positively to magnet therapy and treatment. This can be either independent of or in conjunction with other holistic treatments including acupuncture, moxibustion, nutrition-based approaches and even psychological counselling.

Magnetic treatment can vary according to whether it is targeted on the area showing the symptoms or focussed on other areas that affect the bodily processes that are malfunctioning. Thus for example, if the person is suffering from local pain in the muscles or bones, it is logical to place the magnets on or near to those areas.

On the other hand if the patient is suffering from a non-localized physical condition, such as physical fatigue, or a mental condition (anxiety attacks, depression, etc) then the treatment should be aimed at the most central areas of the body such as the heart/lungs or the backbone. Treatment can also be targeted on glands such as the thyroid, pineal or adrenal, as many of these all-over ailments are caused or exacerbated by glandular imbalance.

It is also possible to place magnetic products over the meridians used by acupuncture. These meridians, identified thousands of years ago are based on the premise that there are channels of energy running through the body, linked to various internal organs though not necessarily anywhere near those organs. It is for this reason that magnetic therapy works so well with other forms of complementary medicine.