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Using magnetic bracelets to treat rheumatic disorders

Of all the health benefits of magnetic therapy that have been studied, the one that has been investigated the most, is the treatment of rheumatism and related disorders.

Such ailments are commonplace not only amongst the elderly, but also the middle-aged. Indeed it is quite normal for anyone who has reached their personal mid-century to be afflicted by things like rheumatism or rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatism is a disease that gets worse and breaks down the body. Furthermore because magnetic therapy has been shown to reduce pain – sometimes even getting rid of it altogether – it has become a subject of great interest to those suffering from such disorders.

To understand this, we must first have a clear picture of  the ailment itself, both the discomfort and its effect on the ability to move. 

Human life and the functioning of the body requires sustenance. What we eat is reduced to useful components inside our bodies by the “machinery” inside our digestive systems. But not all of the broken down food is used immediately. Some of it is kept in “reserve” and some is removed from the body not only in the common liquid and solid bodily wastes but also perspiration. Even bad breath is a form of bodily waste removal!

But some of the remaining material that serves no useful purpose is not removed and instead accumulates. It is this that causes the problems that we know as rheumatic conditions. Even a single residue such as uric acid (a remnant of the protein that we have to eat to sustain life). It can inflame joints, damage nerves and cause such conditions as arthritis, gout, rheumatism and sciatica.

The traditional medical advice to alleviate these conditions is to change ones diet and take regular exercise. But for those already afflicted by these conditions supplementary remedies are needed. These can include pain killer drugs. But lifelong medication can have side-effects. An alternative treatment that has been shown to work is magnetic therapy.

As these ailments often affect the limbs, often the wrists, it makes perfect sense for sufferers to wear magnetic bracelets to alleviate their discomfort. By wearing magnetic bracelets arthritis sufferers have noted a considerable improvement and a reduction of symptoms in a relatively short time.

The hardest barrier to overcome in the acceptance of this form of treatment is actually not a medical one but rather one of attitudes. In some cultures men are reluctant to wear “jewellery”. But this psychological barrier is rapidly falling and magnetic bracelets for men – particularly copper magnetic bracelets for men – are becoming increasingly commonplace.