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The versatility of magnetic therapy

When I tell people about magnetic therapy, they are often surprised by the sheer range of ailments that it can be used to treat and the equally impressive diversity of the number of different types of magnet and magnetic products that can be used in the course of such therapy.

Pain in the bones and joints, glands out of whack, internal organs not at full function, allergies and inflammations… all of these may be treated by magnet therapy either on its own or in conjunction with other treatments using a holistic approach. Such treatment can be palliative (to alleviate pain), curative (to treat the underlying condition) or even prophylactic (to prevent adverse conditions from developing in the first place).

To take one example: the successful use of magnetic therapy back pain relief. Back pain has always been a problem for the medical community because although it can sometimes be a symptom of a specific ailment, it is, at other times, simply a chronic condition that is painful in itself but not an indicator of any one specific problem. It may be caused by bad posture, work strain or bad diet, but there is no simple prep-packaged solution. Furthermore, back pain causes many working days to be lost.

Improved diet and the right sort of exercise are good starting points for treatment, but magnetic therapy pain relief is another. Placing the north pole of magnet or magnetic pad on or near the afflicted area or on the side of the spine where it hurts most has been shown to be an effective treatment in some cases. In cases where the pain extends, additional magnets may be used. Thus for leg pains, the extra magnets should be placed on the upper thighs or in the case of pains in the arms, on the shoulder joints.

It should be stressed that magnetic therapy pain relief cannot be guaranteed to work, but it has no harmful side-effects, so it is very much a “shot to nothing” approach as far as treatment goes.

Another  ailment that affects both the individual and the work environment is repetitive strain injury. In an age of typing, computer keyboards and mouse operations RSI and Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) are perennial problems. Fortunately there is a whole range of magnets therapy treatments available for these disorders that can be not only non-invasive but also physically attractive. I am referring of course to the vast range of magnetic bracelets on the market, including silicone magnetic bracelets, hematite magnetic bracelets and for sheer durability and strength, titanium magnetic bracelets.

There are millions of people who can testify to the benefit of these items and the fact that they are decorative and pleasing to the eye is an added bonus. Magnetic bracelets benefits are too numerous to describe in individual detail, but the fact that so many have come to rely on them is a powerful and ringing endorsement.